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  • Financial Times Germany bestseller july / september 2007
  • Bestseller Manager Magazin
  • Amazon Bestseller
  • Boreout! was the only to be nominated at the Frankfurt book fair both for the German Business Book Award 2007 (granted by the newspaper ‘Handelsblatt’ and the Frankurt Book Fair organization) and for the GetAbstract Business Book Award 2007.

 Diagnose Boreout

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Boreout in the new world of work
In the introductory chapter we ask, on one hand, the term “stress”: Is it possible at all that we talk about under-challangement and boredom at work? On the other hand, we present you a check list to help you find out, if you or even your colleagues at work are stuck in the boreout mess.
  The most important boreout spots in the office
Are you used to observing your colleagues at work, colleagues who always seem to be stressed, but of whom you don’t exactly know what they do all day long? Read in this excerpt about the four locations Erika defined in the office, in order to kill time. An impressive and foremost true story!

Boreout! - Introduction


 Boreout! – Erika’s four locations principle


After the book’s first publication in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it became an international bestseller. 6 translations have been published up to date. An edition of the Taiwanese market will follow in 2010.


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The title of the first German edition of the book is “Diagnose Boreout: Warum Unterforderung am Arbeitsplatz krank macht”. It has been published in march 2007 by the renowned German publisher “Redline Wirtschaft”.
Boreout! Overcoming

Workplace Demotivation 

 The book was published in june 2008 with the publisher Hyunsil Cultural Studies in Seoul. Publication in Spain
First edition: Sept 09
Publishing house: Random House Mondadori 
 Boreout! Boreout!

Publication in the Netherlands
First edition: Sept 09
Publishing house: Uitgeverij het



Publication in Greece
First edition: May 09
Publishing house: Stamoulis


 Publication in Japan
First edition: July 09
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