Die Boreout Falle
  • The new book (edition in German) following the bestseller Boreout!: It’s a guidebook for companies and their leaders, providing them with practical tipps in order to avoid Boreout in their own team!
  • We analize questions concerning organization, leadership and communication. The book explains these and other topics in different case studies. It also explains in plain language the responsibility of the companies allowing Boreout no chance!


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Daniela doesn’t give a damn about her boss
In the first part oft he book we describe (apart of additional strategies of how to pretend stress) the “I don’t give a shit” strategy. This strategy should shake up all leaders, because with this strategy, Daniela just renounced on these boreout-strategies. She acts as if her boss was not present at all, ignoring him with a certain kind of pleasure. A real example that shows how passively many leaders react, even in the light of such obvious provocations (text only available in German).
 Fritz – the overqualified employee
In this chapter we talk about an important element of strategic human resources: qualitative personnel planning. It’s not only about the present requirements, but particularly looking forward into the future. How does a job change over years and what consequences can bad planning have for the employees occupying this job? Fritz was very successful in his company, but after a few years there was a mismatch between his personality and the job content – he now was over qualified. The company did not foresee this mismatch – and therefore lost its “High Potential” Fritz as an employee (text only available in German).


 The boreout-trap: The “I don’t give a shit” strategy


The boreout-trap: Match job-person

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