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Diagnose Boreout

You don’t know what Boreout is? Then just think, for a second, of some of your colleagues at work. Aren’t there some who don’t do anything the whole blessed day? Some who only pretend to be stressed? Or even think of yourself – you don’t have anything to do at work? Your boss never delegates anything to you? Are you completely under-stretched? You are getting closer to answer the question. Read more about Boreout.

New publication:
The boreout-trap

Die Boreout-Falle

With the first book „Boreout!“, we have broken a taboo – the taboo not to mention under-challengement and boredom at work. In our second book with the title “The boreout trap” (only available in German) we focus on the company’s point of view and ask what leaders have to do in order to avoid Boreout in their company and team.  Read more about the content of the book.
'Mrs. Miller, so, you haven’t been working a lot during the last months? Well, then, you’re fired'. Mrs. Miller’s successor didn’t have any work to do either.'The job is very demanding and diversified', promised the job advertisement. The problem was that this was a big, big lie.'As soon as I have time, we will have a closer look at your future projects“, promised the boss. And broke his promise during the following 6 months'.'I am the only person who can complete this task, that’s nothing for my team members', said the boss. And didn’t delegate any tasks, never, to anyone at all'.'I talked to my boss about my situation and asked for new tasks. Answer: You know that you are causing me a lot of work now, with your wishes, don’t you?'.'The worst part of the whole thing is that the bosses don’t even realize that they are doing wrong. They ignore the consequences of their acts'.'The funny thing is: I am the only one in our team suffering from a boreout. All the others have loads to do and work extra hours'.'Every Tuesday I have to work for 2 hours. What that means? That I don’t have anything to do during the rest of the week'.'I want to work, but there is just nothing to do. I consequently ask for more work, but my boss just ignores me'.

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