The big bluff: anyone who is not stressed  in today’s world of work is not important. The topic of stress has, in discussions with colleagues, a higher conversational value than the fact of being understretched or boredom. And that’s exactly why stress is nowadays exaggerated: Who would openly admit to be understretched at work? No one! As no one talks about it, one starts to think to be the only one who finds himself in such a mess. But, as we observed, also by analizing existing enquiries, one quickly realizes that there not only exist stressed employees, but also the ones who have nothing to do, who don’t identify with their job and who are absolutely bored. Just those who have a boreout.



The surveys

  • A survey made in the USA with more than 10’000 employees showed interesting results: One third of the interviewees confessed to be under-stretched at work and to do private things during about two hours per day – without official breaks.
    Link to the study
  • According to a survey made by Kelly Services more than one third of the Swiss consider justified the use of internet for personal purposes at the workplace. In an additional survey by Kelly Services 10% of the respondents explicitely indicated to be under stretched at work.
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  • The latest study, made in the USA by Sirota, finds that bored employees are a much larger problem for companies than those employees who declare being stressed.
    Link to the study
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