The boreout affects, in the first instance, the employees – persons who find themselves stuck in this boreout mess. But the question is: How is such a situation possible? That’s when one of the principal reasons for boreout becomes relevant: the workplace environment, i.e. the boreout affected persons work at the wrong place. The company has the key responsibility if boreout exists. So they have to act. 



What can a company do against boreout?

A company has to be active principally in three areas in order to prevent boreout:

A company has to create a culture which gives no chance to boreout. This corporate culture is the base of the daily work and the desired behaviour, whether among work colleagues or treating with providers or even clients. Another element of the organization is a personnel planning strategy which is oriented towards the future – the right person at the right place at the right time. A company develops constantly, so do the job descriptions which have to be adapted to this development. If not, the profile of the employee surprisedly does not match the job description any more.

A company has to define leadership principles. Principles which have to act as guidelines for its leaders. But it also has to define clear promotion principles in order to promote the right persons into leadership functions, because: a wrong promotion policy can end (not only!) in a boreout mess. At least, we have to consider delegation. Delegation can be a key element in order to prevent boreout, especially in those common cases where there is literally no work assigned to a certain job.

The mess often starts with the job description and the first talks with HR or the direct line responsible, because job descriptions very often vastly exaggerate the reality. This creates the impression that with this job, one will save the world, getting the possibility to take over all the projects and the responsibility assigned to them. But, as said, reality is different and disillusion is not far. Be aware: Good communication starts with the job advertisement which has to be honest and transparent in order not to create expectations which afterwards cannot be met and thus create disillusion. In addition, periodical interpersonal talks are needed. This is a key element to prevent boreout.


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